Why Apply?

What Are the Benefits of Working with an Independent Mortgage Broker?

There are several advantages of working with NEXA Mortgage. Here are some of the top benefits you, as a borrower, can enjoy.

Multiple Mortgage Options

At NEXA Mortgage since we work with over 100+ lenders, we can provide clients with hundreds of mortgage options to choose from. We would walk you throughout the entire process and get to know your financial position to help you get the most suitable home loan option that works best for your scenario. This would relieve you of the burden of finding the right mortgage and enduring the entire home buying process alone.

Access to Lower Wholesale rates

We work with over 100+ lenders to secure reliable home loans for clients. As such, we have access to lower wholesale rates that various banks and other lenders cannot keep up with. The clients’ best interests are in our hearts, and we strive to ensure they get polished services. Get a Great Rate, You deserve it!

Fast Closings

Whenever a home buyer finds a home that excites them, they would probably want to close the deal on it as soon as possible. Therefore, we work hard to offer our clients fast closings and ensure we get to the closing table quicker than lenders can.