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What We Do

We are a full-service mortgage company headquartered in Chandler, Arizona. We specialize in every form of Real Estate financing. From your own home, investment properties as well as commercial financing. Our goal is to provide home loans to consumers nationwide while supplying them with the lowest interest rates and closing costs possible. We pledge to help borrowers overcome roadblocks that can arise while securing a loan and strive to offer the best payment plan along with the best terms imaginable. We also serve multiple states: Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Montana, Texas, Oregon, and Washington. Whether you are buying a home, relocating to a new area or refinancing, we can help you realize your dream of homeownership or save you money when getting your new lower monthly payment.

Hi...I'm Jahmal, and I'm here to help you get the best rate possible on your Home Loan! You've heard the horror stories...how hard it is to qualify, the mounds of paperwork you have to provide, the difficulties and delays. Not to mention the fighting, shopping, and haggling to get a good rate. I've got great news... I'm here to solve that for you. I partner with more than 100 investment partners providing Pure Wholesale Rates and often times big name companies right down the street from you. I make it easy to go Wholesale with them verses Retail. Whether you have impeccable credit or credit as rough as sand paper I've got you covered.

I have a make it easy process. Click here to apply and get your great low rate mortgage EASY. Yes, I really did say EASY. When you're ready, the next step in getting a low Pure Wholesale rate mortgage made easy is to contact me so we can review your unique situation and make sure that you get a low rate mortgage without the stress and hassle that's normally associated with it. Give me a call to discuss your unique situation. It's easy to reach me @ 786-586-9386. Feel free to call me direct or if you prefer you can email me at jahmalboykin@gmail.com. Either way I'm here to make the experience of getting a mortgage a good one for you. Whether you need the mortgage to buy a home, or are looking to refinance for a better rate or to get some cash out of your property, I can help. I recognize that your needs are unique, and I would love to find out exactly how I can be of service to you. I look forward to hearing from you.

What I Do

Outstanding Communication & Follow-up

We keep you informed and return all emails and calls promptly so that you never have to wonder what is going on with your loan.

Professional Support

Count on us to be there with you and to help you navigate the entire mortgage process. We'll help you cut through the red tape and avoid the common mistakes people make.

Competitive Low Rates

Wholesale Rates, Our Investors Compete so you WIN Every Time. We work with you to find the right program and secure low market rates to make sure you are paying the lowest payment each month.

Close Your Loan

On Time

Not all lenders can close quickly or on time. We work closely with you through the process to meet all deadlines and make sure that your loan closes on time.

Who I Help

First Time Home Buyers

We know how overwhelming the process of buying a home is, especially if it is the first time that you're doing it. We will work closely with you to explain the process, to protect you from making mistakes that could cost you later, and to ensure that your mortgage gets approved and you get the home that you are so excited to be buying!

Move Up -Next Home Buyers

Buying a new home when you currently own one has its own unique set of concerns. We can answer all of your questions about how to qualify and purchase a home when you already own one whether you're buying a new primary residence or a second vacation home.

Refinancing Home Owners

We can help regardless of the reason. If you want the lowest rate or payment or you need cash out for any reason we can help you with this and offer lots of options with great rates and quick closing times. We also can show you how to make sure you are structuring your new financing to get the best deal possible.

Investment Buyers

If you're buying real estate for investment purposes, we can help you secure low rate financing to maximize your ROI.

Seniors Seeking Reverse Mortgages

If you are 62 years or older and are looking for options to stay in your home without a mortgage payment or to access your home's equity while still living there, I can answer your questions about reverse mortgages so you can decide if they are right for you.

My Community Cares for Hero's

If you serve our communities as a or are a veteran, police officer, healthcare worker, EMS, firefighter, or teacher you may qualify to save.

Mortgage Home Purchase Loans without the Hassle!

Need financing options on a home, or other real estate? Choosing a purchase loan product that matches your goals and making sure you get a favorable rate doesn’t have to be stressful!

We’re here to make the home loan process easier, with tools and knowledge that will help guide you along the way. We’ll help you clearly see differences between loan programs, allowing you to choose the right one for you, whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or a repeat buyer.

Whether you are buying a home, relocating to a new area or refinancing, we can help you realize your dream of homeownership or save you money when getting your new lower monthly payment. In terms of loan programs & services, we offer the following:

Home Purchase Loans

Secure a home purchase loan that utilizes today’s great mortgage rates to make your dream home affordable.

Refinance Rates

Lock in great terms with current interest rates to ensure your home remains affordable—or build more equity with an update!

Rate Comparisons

Don’t just take the first offer. Shop around. Use our rate comparisons to find the best possible plan for your home ownership strategy.

Fast Funding

Seize opportunity as soon as you can with our fast funding options, giving you the freedom to cure that house fever.

Evaluate Your Property

Know where you stand. With a property evaluation in hand, you’ll have better access to your options so you can see the next move.

Cash Out Refinance

Take advantage of your home’s equity with a cash-out refinance. It’s your cash — spend it how you see fit.

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